Best 10 Online Backup Services

  1 SugarSync
  2 Livedrive
  3 SOS Backup
  4 Acronis Cloud
  5 iDrive
  6 Nextiva
  7 SafeCopy
  8 Dropbox
  9 Zipcloud
  10 Keepit

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Why should offsite backup be used .

It is a known fact in all business corporations and firms that when the enterprise is getting bigger , its support of data increases its complexity , volume and value . As your enterprise increases , the more your files increases and so you would need a more secure way to protect all your files . Using a CD or DVD to backup your files in this case would not be a good solution . Suppose your total files are about 500GB . If you want to use CD in this case to backup your data then you will need about 714 CD . Since 1 CD stores 700MB of data . You can see how expensive it would be . The CD can even be stolen . This is not a secure way to protect your data . A secure offsite backup system is the only possible solution in this case . Office managers and business owners know that for their business to flourish , a good data storage plan should be put in place .

Offsite backup systems protect your files to the greatest extend more than any data storage system . Offsite backup companies ensure that your data is encrypted and then password protected so that it is only you that can access them . Most people nowadays prefer offsite backup because your data will be stored in a remote location . Just imagine that you are a business owner having your office computer which contains all your important information . What if the computer gets stolen ? . This can put your business down for Months . 50% of businesses that lose their data never open their door again . Statistics has shown that 1 in every 5 computer users suffer a critical data loss every year . Factors that normally result in data loss are computer been stolen , computer hardware failure and more . Computer hardware failure are so numerous . Other method of data loss is as a result of computer program errors , software viruses and natural disasters such as fire , flood , hurricane and more .

Computer experts say once a data has been lost , it can nolonger be completely recovered . So your important files can be lost forever in the digital space with no hope of ever getting it back again . Using a disaster recovery plan will extract your lost files but the extracted files may not be thesame as the original files . The extracted files may even contain some errors when you try to open them .

Everyone owning a computer must expect data loss except a proper backup plan is put in place . Your computer may be having Text documents , contact records , address books , videos , MP3 music and more . If you don't have a good backup plan , all these files may be lost for ever . If you are thinking of using a disaster recovery plan to recover your data then be prepared to spend a lot of money . The recovered data may not even be the same as the original data . To prevent spending money with respect to disaster recovery , the reasonable thing to do is to have a backup plan in place . Make sure to store your files with an online backup company . There are many online backup companies on the internet . Look for a good data backup company then follow all the procedures to store your files on their remote server .

There are still lots of people who till this moment has taken not action to backup their data . This leaves their files unprotected and thus exposing their business to danger . There are some reasons why some people don't think of backing up their data . The first reason should be laziness . They don't create time to follow up the backup process . What they fail to understand is that the backup process takes just some few minutes and the process is automated . The backup process can be taken place in the background while you are concentrating on another task on your computer . The second reason while some people don't want to backup their data is because they don't want to spend additional money during the backup process . Most of the online backup companies charge a little Monthly fee when they store your data on their remote server . The money is not much . Just $4 per Month you can backup as much data as you want . Let's say for very year you spend $50 for data backup . That should be a very good investment . Some other people don't backup their data because they think data loss can never happen to them . After reading this article if you don't put a backup plan in place just be prepared to regret someday .

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