Best 10 Online Backup Services

  1 SugarSync
  2 Livedrive
  3 SOS Backup
  4 Acronis Cloud
  5 iDrive
  6 Nextiva
  7 SafeCopy
  8 Dropbox
  9 Zipcloud
  10 Keepit

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Why online data backup is important .

Every businesses or individuals who owns a computer main problem is how to protect their data . Data is very important for businesses who make a living using but the computer . If you have never backup your data before , then you should start thinking of backing up your data or you'll cry later .

The are many ways that you can backup your data such as using CD or DVD , using external hard drives and using USB . But all these methods are not 100% secure as all these devices can be stolen . they can even get missing , even fire can destroy then and they can even be affected by natural disasters such as flood , Hurricane and more .The best method i can recommend to backup your data is to use online backups . Online backups are great for both individuals and businesses as they keep your data 100% protected . Online backups are handle by companies over the internet and these companies are known as online backup companies . The company will provide to you a storage space on their server when you create an account with them over the internet . You'll need to login into your account to view your storage space where you'll be able to transfer all the files present on your computer to your online storage space or you can transfer selected files if you want . To view your backed up files on the company's server you just need to login into your account at anytime . You can even access your files from any other computer connected to the interner . If for example your computer crashes , you'll just need to login into your account on the company's server to retrieve all your files .

Online backups are really great because the best security methods are implemented here to ensure that your data stays safe and protected . Before your data is transferred from your computer to the company's server it is first encrypted to prevent hackers from getting access to your data . Your data is also stored in the company's server in an encrypted format so that no one can get access to them except you . Online backup companies make their living protecting data and that is why they are so popular nowadays .

Online data backups are important because your data will not be stored in your office or home but in a remote server that may be located in another city or country . This server is been monitored 24 hours by human security . Your data is not only stored in a single server but in multiple servers located in different countries to ensure that your data is safe and protected . Since your data is not located in your office or home , you'll not need to be afraid of your employee or children having access to your data .

Before selecting an online backup service to store your data , you should choose one that is fully secure and providing human security around their facility . Online backups are now prefer by most businesses and individuals because the backup space or storage space they provide are great when compared to other backup methods . You can backup as much data as you want . You can backup 100GB of data to about 2000GB of data and even more . You can backup all type of files such as documents , ebooks , videos , music and more .

Due to the fact that with online data backup your data is stored but in a remote location makes online backup better than any other backup methods available today . Some people are still using external hard drives to backup their data but they are not 100% secure . External hard drives can fail to function or can malfunction . Online data backups nowadays are very cheap . With about $3 per Month you can backup about 250GB of data . With about $36 per year you can backup 250GB of data and your data will be 100% protected . You'll not need to be afraid of theft , fire , flood , Hurricane and more .

Since there are lots of online backup companies on the internet , in choosing a good company you must take many factors into consideration . The most important factor is to look at the customers reviews about the company . Positive reviews from many customers means it is a good company . Apart from customers reviews , you can check the facilities the company provide . You can check to know the maximum online storage space the company provide , You can check to know the speed at which you can transfer data from your computer to their server . You can check to know whether the company has a good customer support and whether you can access your backed up data from mobile devices such as iphone , ipad and more .

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Online data backup services


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