Best 10 Online Backup Services

  1 SugarSync
  2 Livedrive
  3 SOS Backup
  4 Acronis Cloud
  5 iDrive
  6 Nextiva
  7 SafeCopy
  8 Dropbox
  9 Zipcloud
  10 Keepit

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ElephantDrive online backup service review

ElephantDrive is one of the best online backup and storage service on the internet today . It is very simple to install and it's secure and powerful .

ElephantDrive account creation and Software installation .

To create an account with ElephantDrive is very simple . First you have to select the plan that best suits your need . Here ElephantDrive provide four plans known as Lite , Personal , Family and Enterprise . Once you've selected the plan that is good for you , next you'll have to complete their registration form by providing your email address , username and password . Once you click the submit button your account will be created . Once you've created your account , next you'll then download and install the ElephantDrive Desktop application or the ElephantDrive software . The Desktop application is available for both windows and Mac users .Once you've installed the ElephantDrive Desktop application on your computer , you'll be able to use this application to quickly , easily and securely upload or backup your files and folders . Once you've backed up all your files , you'll be able to access them from any where woldwide and at anytime .You'll also be able to share them with friends , co-workers and family members if you want .

ElephantDrive online backup plan .

ElephantDrive provide four online backup plans known as Lite , Personal , Family and Enterprise . The Lite plan is the most basic plan . With the Lite plan , ElephantDrive provides 2GB of storage space for free . You can use this 2GB of storage space to automatic backup and store your data such as photos , videos , financial data , ebooks and more .

The ElephantDrive personal and family plan belongs to what is known as the ElephantDrive Home plan . The Home plan is good for home users who need to backup and store their personal data such as photos , music , video , documents and all other valuable files . The personal plan provide 100GB storage space and cover 2 computers . The Family plan is also good for home users needing more storage space . The Family plan provide up to 500GB storage space and cover up to 5 devices . Both the personal and Family plans can enable you to easily share your files and can also enable you to access your files from any location . With the personal plan , you can transfer a maximum of 1GB file size while with the Family plan you can transfer a maximum of 2GB file size .

The ElephantDrive Enterprise plans provide the leading solution for automated backup and secure access of critical data for businesses worldwide . The ElephantDrive Enterprise plan provide large and open file backup . It supports multiple users with each user having his/her own login credentials . It provide support for unlimited devices and provide supports for network drives and servers . The Enterprise plans provide an unlimited storage space ( 500GB+) and the price depends on the amount of space needed .

Below is a table showing a comparison of the features provided by the Lite , Personal , Family and Enterprise plans .

  Lite Personal Family Enterprise
Price Free $9.95/Mo $19.95/Mo Variable
Storage 2GB 100GB 500GB unlimited
Single user yes yes yes yes
Multiple users No No No yes
Support Multiple devices No 2 5 unlimited
Network storage and servers No No No yes
Maximum file size 100MB 1GB 2GB 5GB
Encrypted yes yes yes yes

ElephantDrive security .

ElephantDrive keeps your data safe and secure . Information sent from you to ElephantDrive is protected by thesame system that banks and financial institutions use to secure their transactions . ElephantDrive provides security by ensuring that all transfer of your data are handled using 128-bit SSL encryption and ensures that your files are stored using 256-bit AES encryption on their server .

ElephantDrive online backup trial .

ElephantDrive provide a 15-days free trial for both home users and business users . For home users , you are provided with up to 500GB of storage space and can backup on multiple computers and external drive . It also support large files . While for the business user , you are provided with an unlimited storage space and support multiple user accounts , can backup on servers and network drives .

ElephantDrive 2GB free online storage .

ElephantDrive now provide 2GB free online storage for you to start protecting your data . You don't need any credit card , no Monthly payment to sign up . This 2GB storage space is completely free and it never expires .

Elephantdrive Customer Service

Elephantdrive provide email support and it has a FAQS section that provide all possible answers about Elephantdrive . Elephantdrive also provide a series of video tutorials explaining on how you can use their service .

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